How to improve your streaming quality in 2023

A solid Wi-Fi connection is crucial for many areas of our everyday lives in today’s increasingly connected world, from remote work and online learning to streaming entertainment and interacting with friends and family.

Unfortunately, Wi-Fi signals in specific locations of your house or office can be poor or inconsistent, resulting in unpleasant interruptions and slow speeds. In this article, we’ll look at some hacks and secrets for how to improve your streaming quality in 2023 plus other articles you may want to check out.

Well check out 8 ways that can improve your streaming quality plus giving you some ideas on staying more productive and having a stronger boost no matter where you are. 

Check your internet connection

Now the first thing to check out obviously is checking your internet connection has a significant impact on the quality of your streaming experience. To eliminate buffering or pixelation, make sure you have a steady and high-speed internet connection. 

In case you want to know a bit more on how to increase your internet speed check out this article about how to improve your wi-fi in 2023. Now onto reading your internet connection. 

If necessary, consider upgrading to a higher internet plan or moving to a different internet service provider (ISP). You may also run an internet speed test to determine your actual download and upload rates. It is highly recommended to use Speedtest to make sure to make daily tests to get accurate data. 

improve your streaming quality

Use a Wired Connection

I can understand being wireless and not touching your TV can be convenient. Here is the thing: an Ethernet connection can frequently give more consistent and reliable internet speeds for streaming and gaming. 

If possible, use an Ethernet cable to connect your streaming device to your modem or router. This can assist in eliminating potential interference and improve streaming quality, particularly when streaming high-definition (HD) or ultra-high-definition (UHD) content.

Close Background Apps and Devices

When it comes to streaming 4k, making sure to close background programs or gadgets linked to your internet network can eat up bandwidth and reduce the quality of your streaming. Now this mostly allies to people who have an older device but making sure your electronics can focus on one app can help increase quality. 

Close any superfluous apps or gadgets that are consuming your internet connection, such as downloads, uploads, or streaming services. This might assist in ensuring that your streaming device has enough bandwidth to provide a seamless watching experience.

Adjust Video Quality Settings

Most streaming services provide video quality settings that allow you to adjust the resolution and bitrate of the content you’re watching. 

If you’re having buffering or quality issues, try dropping the video quality settings to a lesser resolution, such as from UHD to HD or HD to standard definition (SD). 

Lower video quality options use less bandwidth, which helps to reduce buffering and improves overall streaming quality.

Update Your Streaming App or Device

I am pretty sure we all have once ignored that page specifically like a salemale trying to sell you something outside your door. Now updating to streaming apps and devices are frequently released, which can solve bugs, improve performance, and increase streaming quality. 

Keep your streaming apps and devices up to speed with the most recent software releases. Check for and apply updates on a regular basis to ensure you are running the latest optimized and stable version of your streaming app or device.

How to improve your streaming quality in 2023

 Optimize Your Wi-Fi Network

There are various techniques to enhance your Wi-Fi network for optimal streaming quality. To achieve optimal signal strength, place your Wi-Fi router in a central area with few obstructions, such as walls or furniture. 

To extend your Wi-Fi coverage to locations with weak signals, use a Wi-Fi extender or mesh network device. Consider using the 5 GHz spectrum rather than the 2.4 GHz band, as it generally gives higher speeds and less interference plus we highly recommend only using 5GHz for new devices interested. 

Disable VPN or Proxy

This will depend on which provider you’re using since some like NordVpn is a great example of optimizing their product. Now with another VPN or Proxy you may want to do a speed test, If you use a virtual private network (VPN) or a proxy server, your streaming quality may suffer.

 VPNs and proxies can increase latency and decrease internet speed, resulting in buffering or pixelation issues. Consider removing your VPN or proxy when streaming content to see if the quality improves.

Consider Upgrading Your Hardware

We get it here. Not everyone has the money to buy the latest and greatest when it comes to buying a TV. But sometime having a 10 year old TV it might be time to upgrade to a midrange Tv that can support HDMI 2.0 or above, HDCP 2.2, or the H.265 (HEVC) video codec, which can greatly increase the quality of your streaming. 

If you continue to have poor streaming quality despite following the above recommendations, it may be time to consider replacing your streaming device, smart TV, or other hardware components. 

Final thoughts 

Finally, when it comes to gadgets and electronics, streaming quality can have a significant impact on your viewing experience. You may improve your streaming setup and enjoy smooth, high-quality streaming by following these guidelines.

There are several measures you can do to improve your streaming quality, ranging from verifying your internet connection and using a cable connection to tweaking video quality settings and optimizing your Wi-Fi network. Now that you have a grasp of How to improve your streaming quality in 2023 be sure to start taking action.

Consider upgrading your gear, using a CDN, adjusting your streaming device settings, and using a wired audio connection to improve your watching experience. Have fun streaming! Thank you checking out averguytech be sure to check out content every single day!